United Fabrication Company

United Fabrication Company


With over 25 years of experience and 3000 projects around the region, united fabrication has securely established itself as big company to fabricate the steel construction. Our engineers daily resolve difficult challenges in designing and installing complex structures. Whether you are building a mall or a hotel, a bridge, skyscraper or machines, trailer or dumper, caravans or tent, united fabrication can meet all your structural steel needs. Our safety-stringent construction solutions take into account all possible loads, using the American code, one of the most recognized of international codes.

United Fabrication Company brings you all the benefits of steel, one of the best building materials for residential and commercial construction. Steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material. It is 100% recyclable, extremely durable, and enjoys the best performance against earthquakes. For builders, steel means fast installation, minimal labor, efficient use of space, reduced scrap, multiple fabrication options, and positive consumer perception.

United fabrication’s current annual capacity is 48,000 tons of built up sections, hot rolled sections, corrugated galvanized, PPGI sheets, trailers, tent & other mechanical works. In addition to standard steel structures, united fabrication designs, manufactures, and installs Space Frame structures, with over 94 meter span, for stadiums and airports. We also cover a range of special-use structures for flower mills, steel mills, and heavy load bearing multi-story steel structures and platforms. We provide our structures along with steel cladding.

Meeting your need for affordable versatile steel structures is our priority. We achieve this through a stringent quality system, attention to detail, and value-engineered products.